The Role

The Beal Homes website had become dated and hugely bloated since its last redesign 4 years earlier and was in need of a massive UX overhaul. The previous site was also built around a fixed 960 grid which meant mobile and tablet users were not getting the experience that we wanted.

I was tasked with the redesign. Early in the project, it was clear that there was going to be a lot of work needed on the customer journey. This was the journey of the user landing on the site to finding the right development and house type that fit within their current status and budget.


Analysing data collected over a two year span, myself and the team were able to quickly realise that half of the content on the site people just weren’t accessing.

We addressed the state of the current site and put content into one of two columns. 1) content that was wanted but hard to find and 2) content that was just not relevant and needed getting rid of. From here were able to create a new site map that made sense.

After this was complete, I began wireframing the key templates and coming up with ideas to how I would lay the content out and steer the user through the pages.

Site Map


The key part of making this project a success was getting the customer journey right. I needed to make sure the design helped the user not only understand, but also buy into the “Beal Brand”, by showcasing them as experts in their industry.

To achieve this, we made the decision to heavily integrate the blog section of the site (which was previously separated on a subdomain) into each of the key journey templates. This was a important breakthrough because it allowed fresh content to be pushed to the most viewed pages on an almost daily basis.

Another key decision in the designs process was to ensure that clear cta’s where displayed in key sections throughout the journey, allowing the customer to have quick access to things like ‘request a callback or ‘join our mailing list’ meaning we could constantly collect data we could then market at.

Landing Page (Browser and iPad)
Mobile Teaser
Blog Browser


Since launch, we have had great feedback from both the users and the client. We moved the site to a new, easier to use CMS system allowing the user to edit the website faster and we have had an increase in data collection which we have begun marketing via email campaigns.