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The Role

ESC is a high end fashion sports brand that launched earlier this year. I was tasked with designing a modern responsive website that would help the client stand out in this very competitive market. I had to wireframe, design and build the website from scratch.


I began sketching out ideas and researching the competition. With ESC been a completely new brand launch, first impressions were hugely important because we had to make sure the user got the brand and quickly understood what ESC was about so we didn’t lose interest.

I am a big fan of minimal design, and I believe there are many examples in the world of design were less is more. This project was one that I felt I could really follow this mindset through. I planned out each screen, mobile through desktop and then created a content hierarchy, all to ensure there was only content visible that genuinely needed to be there.



Once each screen had been sketched, discussed, reworked and wireframed, it was time to start visualising them. I began on the most important page first and tackled the product page. I introduced a neon pink colour mainly for key call to actions throughout the site. As the base of the design was mainly white and black, I wanted to make sure key actions (such as the add to basket and filter buttons) stood out to help steer the user through the process of purchasing a product.

My main focus for the site was to keep things simple and let the typography and imagery do the selling. We had great photography and it made sense to push this as much as we could to help the user visualise how the products look in reality.

On the homepage, we put a lot of focus around a launch video which is played for the user on first visit. This works really well as a mini brand introduction.

We put a lot of work into the checkout process, simplifying our usual three step process down to just one. By reviewing this process we were able to make the whole process quicker and more efficient for the user.

Product Details
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Although the ESC brand is still relatively new, it has made a positive start establishing itself in the market. The site received very positive feedback from the client and its users. It was also nominated for site of the day on Awwwards. ESC has also had a lot of very good press.

The second collection recently launched bringing in some great new items and a new fresh style.