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The Role

Super League Rugby club Hull FC wanted a better online shopping experience for their fans. They asked the team at Strawberry to help them develop a league leading website to help the club increase merchandise sales.

I was the lead designer on this project and also developed the front end part of the website.

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The first thing I had to do was put myself in the mindset of a fan. I love sports so this was fairly straight forward. Every year a set of kits are released which usually generates quite a lot of buzz with the fans. We wanted to create a unique way of launching these kits on the website.

We had new photography commissioned, including custom shots of the clubs changing room. We created a scene from which fans could imagine the players in and hung each shirt from a peg as a kit room landing page where fans could pick which kit they wanted.

We created a truly unique experience that no other club in the league can match.

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It was clear that this site had been a huge success from the feedback we received after the first season had ended. Merchandise sales were up by 30%.

In season two, we introduced a new feature allowing the fans to pay in advance online and collect their order at the ground on match day. This was very successful and allowed the team at Hull FC to wipe off a lot of time spent dispatching products via post.