The Idea

Spendit (name tbc) is an app I am creating that will allow me to monitor what I spend on a day to day basis and estimate a monthly saving each salary month. This is a side project of mine which was established to scratch a personal itch. Although there are a million and one budgeting apps already available, none quite do what I want or need.

How it will work

The app will require two things: a monthly income (after tax and bills) and an amount you want to save for that particular month.

The app will then work out an average weekly budget for the user to aim for. The user then tracks his or her spends whilst getting visual feedback of 1) remaining weekly budget and 2) estimated monthly savings. I’ve found by breaking up the month into 4/5 smaller weekly target’s, you are more likely to stick to the targets.



I began researching the competition. I downloaded a tonne of apps and starting playing. What quickly became clear was that everyone of these apps focused on the tracking side of things but didn’t really help the user hit a target. A lot of the apps also required a set date for salary each month, which is a problem for me because the pay date often varies around bank holidays and the month length.

I took this research and began sketching out each screen. I took extra time on working out the onboarding process. Getting this wrong can confuse the user and losing faith in an app is hard to get back. I need to make sure that during the design phase, I explain to the user how the app works in simple, easy to understand steps. The last thing I want to do is overwhelm the user.



Taking on board the research work I did, I am now in the process of mocking up each screen in Sketch. As this process is still on going, I don’t have much to show you here yet, but you can monitor the progress on my Dribbble project page.

Sketch Workflow