The Idea

The Serif is a side project that was born out of my love for Typography. I wanted to create a blog that shared typography designs and sketches to other designers.



As a Pinterest user, I was already collating content on a daily basis before starting the blog. I just needed a way to automate the content from Pinterest to my Blog.

I managed to achieve this with the use of IFTTT. I created a custom recipe that monitors my Pinterest board’s RSS feed, grabs the large image url (I needed some clever use of Yahoo Pipes for this) and saved the image to my Dropbox account. I then have another recipe that detects new images saved to my Dropbox and publishes then to Tumblr.


Next Steps

In the future I hope to open a small online shop to sell typography artwork and posters. I am also learning the basics of hand lettering with the aim to hopefully publish some of my own work on the blog.