Welcome! My name is Stu Greenham and I am a Digital Designer Product Designer from Yorkshire, England. I am currently leading digital output at Strawberry, a Creative agency in Hull. I am a member of the awesome product team at Hudl, a company kicking ass in the sports tech world.

I’m super dedicated to my craft of building creative products that both look good and function. I obsess over the small details and I am constantly looking to learn and improve my skills, something I believe should never stop.

I would class myself as a Digital Designer, but not just in the sense of working a photoshop document. I focus my designs around a very high level of usability and work really hard to deliver an enjoyable experience to the user.

I have over 7 years working on a variety of projects, small to large. These projects have led me to become a more refined, experienced and versatile designer.

Away from design, I am a keen photographer. I love sport, reading, listening to music as well as keeping fit and healthy. I am also engaged to the most amazing person who brings out the best in me.

Thanks for reading. Be sure to come and say hello to me over on Twitter.